Welcome to UnholyHairetic

Who Are We?

How do we engage in the work of prophetic faith in public and sometimes uncomfortable ways?

Our call to hold both public and prophetic witness in the face of the terror in this world is the work that Jesus has called us into. We cannot be comfortable as our country crumbles around us. If we are a people who take seriously the words of Matthew 25:29-46, then we can no longer do our work solely from a pulpit or keyboard.

My hope is that the work we choose to take part in is work that gets us closer to the work that Jesus would expect. What will it take for us to move from our words to our voices? From our chairs to our front yards? From our yards to the sidewalks? From the sidewalks to the streets?


If you are interested in inviting Anna to teach, speak, march or engage with your church or organization, please reach out.

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