On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, my United Methodist pastoral credentials were rescinded for performing a same-sex wedding – a ceremony that violated the Book of Discipline. As such, I am no longer employed as United Methodist clergy. I stood alongside two persons whom I adore as dear friends (members of one of my churches), blessed their wedding and signed their marriage certificate. As their pastor, I faithfully fulfilled every obligation the denomination asked of me. Yet, because these humans are both women, my actions were condemned and I was removed from my pastoral covenant.

Many have asked how they can help at this time – what I am in need of. That’s a difficult question for someone like me, who is fiercely independent and fully capable. But knowing the caring hearts of my friends, and knowing that many of you will not leave me alone, my best recommendation is to support me via Patreon.

Your monthly gift will assist in these tangible ways:
• It will help me continue to travel and advise congregations, organizations, and individuals of this critical work of advocacy and equity. Sometimes this will involve holding public witness via protest or activist settings, sometimes it will involve speaking at events where my voice is the perfect addition.
• It will help me continue to write. The sharing of my work and ministry is critical but often requires me to write much more than my daily schedule has time for.
• It will help me continue to offer caring and compassionate one-on-one conversations with parents, clergy and queer folk who are in the midst of trial (both in person and via Zoom)

More than ever, I know that this work cannot be done alone. You are my people – you are the people who have supported me through the trials of the United Methodist Church and have continued to walk alongside me. Having a tribe like you is not something I take for granted. You are so, so important to me and I feel your energy in the depths of my heart.